360 Waves Case-Study

August 13th, 2010 | By

Hey y’all I have another 360 waves case-study. This time we will examine getting 360 waves from a female perspective. Many people just think getting 360 waves is only for dudes. But ladies have been getting 360 waves, since way back in the day. It is nothing new to them.

I will repeat this again, getting 360 waves involves using certain formulas. And if anyone uses those formula’s, they will get consistent results. Over the years I have perfected my methods of getting 360 waves, which others have used & got astounding results.

I remember when I first learnt how to get 360 waves. It was as if by accident I stumbled into secrets to manipulate your hair. As I used the methods & refined them over the years, I noticed others got the same results when I shared the methods with them.

Tonya used some of the techniques I shared with her, & she was onĀ  her way spinning with awesome waves. And the pictures she sent, were just her early stages of waving. By now her 360 waves are spinning out of control. She understood the key to manipulate her hair, & she was spinning in no time.

” I’m loving my new look, getting compliments from the brothas & sisters”-Tonya Braddox

The beautiful thing about 360 waves, is you can decide to have them for several months. Then change your look & have another style. But if you wanted to get 360 waves again, it becomes easier a second time…because your hair is now trained.

So for dudes out there, don’t let the ladies embarrass you like this :lol: If Tonya did it, you too can certainly do it.

Since long time in History, ladies have understood the principles of manipulating their hair to form 360 waves. With short hair or with long hair, they still can get 360 waves.

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Mundus Jones
aka 360 Waves Doc

Who knew he was so deep?

August 13th, 2010 | By

I hope this video inspired you as It did me. Will gave some really important life lessons we can apply personally. If nothing could stop Will achieve his Dreams, not matter how big & “unrealistic” they seemed…Surely you can apply yourself & achieve your dreams too!

Have a great day :-D